5 simple techniques and an action plan to begin finding true relief

  • Sneak peek into what anxiety actually is (and why it's not your enemy)
  • 5 proven strategies to ease anxiety
  • PDF Guide that will walk you step-by-step through uncovering your own calm plan

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Hey, it’s Katie!

As a Licensed Anxiety Therapist and Certified Clinical Anxiety Treatment Professional, I help anxious overachievers and perfectionsists, just like you, experience peace and confidence so you can finally feel free!

Anxiety is not the enemy we've been taught that it is, and I am here to share practical ways you can actually work towards a calmer mind and body.

Whether through individual counseling services, free meditations and education, or therapy-inspried workbooks, I hope to meet you wherever you are in your healing journey so you can find peace, presence and confidence.

This guide will give you a peek into what really works for calming anxiety and finally finding freedom within your own mind and body.